About Fonda

My art evolves from the experiences I have in my life. It starts with travel, whether it’s to the corner of my street or to another corner of the world. I love the sense of discovery; the sights and the smells that are all new. As any traveller does, I inevitably take photos of the places I inhabit, and when I get home these photos are often the inspiration for the art that I create. Sometimes it’s just a fragment of the picture, other times it’s the whole scene. 

The subject is often quite varied. It can be a peony in my neighbours garden or bicyclist on the streets of Paris.  Like life, there are days when your art travels far and others when you stay close to home. 

I’m inspired by shadows and light, and by colours that are rich and full. I like simple shapes that convey plenty and contrasts that are bold.  I now live in Canmore Alberta surrounded by beauty everyday and a husband and daughter who are forever patient with my scattered art supplies and my constant need to travel.  My art is a record of the beauty I find in those experiences.